We live in a society which offers us a high number of activities, products, services, entertainments and workshops... related to the childs world. As mothers, fathers and professionals in education and art we had a need to bring this information together in one place: this is how TOC TOC was created, in October of 2006.

TOC TOC is a monthly publication in the Catalan language, distributed freely in Barcelona city. Its initial print run is 25.000 copies distributed in more than 400 key places: kindergartens, nurseries, infant and primary schools, libraries, theatres, youth centres, museums, cultural centres, information points, medical assistance centres, neighbourhood businesses, leisure libraries, health centres, hospitals... and also direct to subscribers.

TOC TOC is a magazine which encourages reflection on themes related to childhood: education, health, nutrition, proposals to share in family, upbringing, play games, artists’ promotion, writers, craftsman, education and art professionals devoted to childhood, comunication, leisure,...

TOC TOC is a cultural agenda of entertainments, activities and workshops: bringing together all the proposals topically and in a practical and efficient way so as to provide families easy access to information.

TOC TOC is a practical guide of activities, products and services, which are ethically correct, innovative, creative, original and of high quality. We report on entities and non-profit associations who dedicate their work to projects for the improvement of life conditions of those who most need it: our children.